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Q22: Seat of the office of mfc in the centrum of Warsaw

About us

We are a Warsaw-based real estate investment and asset manager providing tailor-made services to foreign institutional and local individual investors. Since 2009 we have built up and managed real estate assets for our clients representing a value of more than Euro 500 mil.

Our company is a highly committed and performance-driven organisation, where all decisions are based on profound analysis, research and judgment by a team of experienced and respected individuals in the Polish real estate industry. The team and its strategic partners have a unique network as well as long-term and successful track-record of almost 20 years in the Polish real estate market in different fields such as investment advisory, asset and fund management, banking, development and construction. As we are entirely owned by the management team we are independent of any third-party interest or influence. Therefore, without any conflict of interest, we exclusively focus on the interests of our clients.

Our organization has a clear focus on Poland only as we believe that all real estate markets are truly local, where knowledge, experience and decision making have to be “on spot”.


We offer our clients tailor-made investment and asset management services covering the entire life-cycle of real estate. On a case-by-case basis we also co-invest with our clients into real estate developments directly or through our subsidiary Columbus Development.

Investment Management

We provide a full range of acquisition and sales services. Due to our excellent network and local presence we can source investments that are not available on the open market.  Services further include managing of the due diligence process and negotiations, sourcing and negotiation of debt and in general all necessary services to successfully finalize a real estate transaction.

Asset Management

Our dedicated team takes full responsibility for the net operating income and will focus on improving rental income, enhance tenant mix, reduce running costs and CAPEX, lease vacant space or extend lease terms, thereby increasing value of the underlying asset. We also co-ordinate and monitor third party providers, like property managers, external letting agents, consultants or construction companies.

Development Management

For existing asset management mandates, we to the extend required provide all necessary development services to internally/externally refurbish the asset, re-position the asset in its market, run all processes to receive necessary permits to convert the usage of the real estate. In addition, we co-invest with our clients into green-field developments in order to liaise interests and maximize the result of every development.